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Image by Anoir Chafik


Your Dog's Best Friend


 knowing we are

Bonded & Insured.

ONLY pet lovers

will be sent to love and care for your pet.

No outside contractors.

About: About
iPhone in Hand

We will text/email upon arrivals and departures and with any other updates you have requested. If we feel that anything is unusual, you should also expect to hear from us. And, of course, we will send pics and videos of your babies!

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Ruff Ruff provides a dog walker who is in the business of seeking and making four-legged friends. We look forward to seeing our friends and enjoy every minute of our time with them. Whether your fur-babies need exercise or a careiver while you are away--Ruff Ruff is ready!

Providing exercise and comfort is what we do best. As a pet sitter or dog sitter--If your pet is accustomed to sleeping with you--we will be that bedtime companion. Whatever your customs are with your babies--is what we will follow.

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