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Losing a best friend

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I was honored to be able to rescue a 2 yr old, black female pug named Harlee. She was undernourished at 9 lbs, and although she was black she was actually brindled in color.

This amazing creature so small, so fragile...and would not bark, yet--would be the very thing in life I needed most.

We needed each other.

I loved her at first sight and she found love (probably her first) in me—that would change our lives.

Harlee was my best friend. My world shattered when she passed away peacefully 13 years after our date with destiny.

I know I gave her joy and love like she had never known...... that little girl saved my life in so many ways .

Because of her, I want to show love to all the babies that deserve love.............Harlee was my best friend!

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